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Current Resarch //

Monash University has established an Autoimmune Kidney Disease and Vasculitis Research Group which focuses on the mechanism of disease in ANCA vasculitis in order to define specific, less toxic therapies for this disease. Finding targeted treatments that produce fewer side-effects and greater quaility of life is a key aspect of their work. The group is headed by Professor Richard Kitching and Professor Stephen Holdsworth. For more information on this group visit Monash Autoimmune Kidney Disease and Vasculitis Research Group.

In addition, Monash has established the Monash Health Vasculitis Clinic. This clinic is a collaboration between renal (kidney) medicine and rheumatology clinician-scientists from both Monash Health and the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health. The clinic focuses on excellent patient care underpinned by advances in research through the collection and analysis of visiting patient blood and DNA samples.

The Australian National University, along with the John Curtin School of Medical Research has established a Centre for Personalised Immunology. The group is headed by Professor Matthew Cook and partners with a number of medical research groups and hospitals around Australia. The principal objective of the Centre for Personalised Immunology is to understand pathophysiological pathways in patients presenting with immunological disease, in order to make diagnoses more accurate, and treatment more effective. There are a number of projects being undertaken at the CPI. The genomics research into vasculitis involves: 

  • Monash and Canberra cohorts with ANCA-positive focal necrotising glomerulonephritis and/or systemic vasculitis. The Monash cohort is led by Professor Kitching and the Canberra cohort is led by The Canberra Hospital's nephrologist, Dr Giles Walters, and immunologist, Professor Matthew Cook.

  • Children’s Hospital at Westmead (CHW) Kidney Gene Bank. Associate Professor Alexander and colleagues have identified families with vasculitis and autoimmune and vascular diseases.