ANZ Vasculitis (ANZVASC) is a collaborative society of physicians, scientists and consumers interested in research, best practice clinical care and education in vasculitis. A Company Limited by Liability, ANZVASC's constitution can be viewed and downloaded here 

ANZVASC is registered with Australian Charities and not-for-profit commission and it's aims include:

  • To advance research into the causes, management and treatment of vasculitis

  • To establish and oversee a clinical care registry that will also link to clinical trials, serve as a basis for research and link to local or national biobank samples

  • To establish a network of clinical centres to design and undertake clinical trials

  • To promote excellence in clinical care for patients with vasculitis

  • To encourage and foster training in vasculitis in both clinical care and in research

  • To increase public awareness of vasculitis, and advocate for best-practice care for people with vasculitis

  • To organize meetings, seminars and lectures in the field of vasculitis

  • To interface with and support consumer and patient groups in Australia and New Zealand

  • To liaise and work with other relevant national bodies, and with international vasculitis groups

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